Q&A with Emily Beeson of YOUNG GOLD TEETH

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Q&A with Emily Beeson of Young Gold Teeth

We are pleased to share our most recent Q&A with blogger Emily Beeson, who we first came across right back in May of last year. Emily's blog YOUNG GOLD TEETH, is a hive of creativity, celebrating creatives, artists, designers, indie businesses and innovators, all of which we love to read about each week. So we were excited to have this opportunity to speak with Emily and share with you her story and what inspired her to create her unique blog - 

Tell us a little about yourself and what your blog explores.

"I’m a blogger, fashion copywriter and occasional journalist living in London. My blog, YOUNG GOLD TEETH focuses generally on celebrating and supporting creativity. It’s an arts and lifestyle platform that offers visitors the opportunity to read long-form articles on creative subjects, rather than just looking at reposted images and regurgitated news stories. I feature young and aspiring artists, makers, designers and businesses and explore inspiring stories and themes from a diversity of disciplines. It’s inclusive, insightful, joyful and colourful; I never write negative posts."

Young Gold Teeth Blog
What inspired you to create YOUNG GOLD TEETH?

"I’ve always been quite clear on what I don’t what to do which has really helped to inform the decisions I’ve made. I started the blog as a portfolio site while I was interning at a gallery in Kings Cross. I’d write about illustrators and photographers I loved in order to share those posts with editors and get journalism gigs. I didn’t want to create a blog in the traditional sense because I wasn’t a fan of all the ‘hauls’ and ego that came with it. Soon I started getting submissions and interest from companies that I admired and YGT really came into its own. It became more about others and less about me, which is probably my favourite thing about it. The last couple of years have been really instrumental in establishing YGT’s personality and the creatives featured are responsible for that. Overall, the greatest inspiration for the site has been the buzz that comes from establishing your own community and way of doing things or being part of someone else’s." 

Q&A with Emily Beeson of Young Gold Teeth - the workspace

What does your typical day as a blogger look like?

"I work full-time in Shoreditch writing about luxury fashion which is very different to the way I write for YGT so my day is split into quite disparate sessions. On an average weekday I’ll get up, check my emails and social channels, get ready for work and head out. I might share some images on Instagram while I’m on the train and write down ideas for new posts on the tube. Then I’ll have breakfast at work, checking on posts occasionally throughout the day. My lunch hour is for writing and sharing new posts and maybe some yoga if I’m not too busy. After work I might head to an event in east London or central and take lots of photos while meeting new people. When I get home it’s pyjamas, herbal tea and finishing off my emails, social and planning ready for the next day. At the weekends I try to visit craft fairs and exhibitions and write the bulk of my new posts to schedule in for the next few days. It can be difficult creating a steady stream of pieces to publish and occasionally they’ll all come along at once but I like to think it makes YGT seem more human."

What projects are you currently working on at YOUNG GOLD TEETH?

"I’ve recently started dedicating more time to the fashion and style section. I suppose my day job has influenced that to some extent but I think fashion can be a great way to express creativity. I’ve started sharing LOOK KITS which are outfits I’ve put together from jazzy, sustainable or independent brands. I’ve also started making monthly London listings as an alternative to all the beige art and pulled pork that most of the big listings sites share. I hand-pick cool, creative stuff to do and pop it all in one post at the start of each month. Right now I’m interviewing some great artists and makers and thinking about this year’s YGT event. I stage one every year around Easter. Last year I teamed up with anonymous gift-giving project This Must Be For You and the year before we put on a pop-up exhibition and party showing YGT artists’ work. It was so much fun."

Q&A with Emily Beeson of Young Gold Teeth - Look Kit

Outside of YGT, do you also work on other projects?

"I do, although only when I have a little time to spare. I have an intense indie magazine habit so collect lots of titles and occasionally write pieces for really beautiful printed publications. I also write for online platforms too. I’m currently collaborating with an simply amazing site called To Work or Play and creating a piece about balancing blogging with full-time work. I’m also trying to learn to code which has been an interest of mine for some time. I’m getting there, slowly."

What are your greatest influences?

"Great poetic writers like Toni Morrison, Margaret Atwood and Patti Smith taught me quite early on that if you want to describe something in a languorous, figurative way then you should just do that. YGT has a distinctive tone of voice because I try to make it creative, enjoyable to read and not too journalistic. Fierce icons who put out a great deal of joy despite their personal pain, like Frida Kahlo, have also had a big influence on me. Also Nick Cave, who’s always assured me that it’s cool to be gloomy, sarcastic and a bit weird. I think more generally animals and nature really affect my interest in colour and the way I organise my posts. Also interior design; I love Memphis."

Young Gold Teeth Blog Instagram

How does living in London influence your work?

"Being here makes it very easy to discover new artists and creatives. There are so many events and PVs, expos and markets. Spending a lot of time in east London is great too because you notice so many things and can pop into a new gallery you haven’t visited before quite easily. Lots of cafes and shared workspaces feature new work by talented people and of course, once you’ve found somebody on social media, it’s easy to meet them if you’re close by. I disagree with the idea that the creative industries fail to thrive outside of London, despite the city’s great reputation, because the majority of the artists I interview don’t even live here. It’s a good place to be and it can help you to feel really positive day-to-day but as we all know, you can be creative anywhere."

What do you hope the future of YGT will be?

"I hope it’ll offer more of the same and that I’ll be able to keep running it. YGT enables me to get to know so many interesting and kind people which regularly reassures me. Overly soppy is not my style but I love the blog, platform and all the people connected to it. I hope the future brings more great collaborations and opportunities to share inspiring images, projects, products and stories."

What advice would you give to an aspiring blogger starting out today?

"Don’t copy; do your own thing and have faith in the fact that you like what you’re doing, even if it doesn’t seem as good or successful as what someone else is doing. Be polite and don’t expect too much from people; no one owes you anything so be nice and kickstart relationships that result in people being happy to help you out if you need a favour and vice-versa. Friendly messages make people feel good. Always give credit where credit is due; wherever possible, credit your images and words to the people that created or inspired them. Be prepared for blood, sweat and tears; working for free in the beginning is really stressful so allow yourself time off and don’t overdo it. Try to merge your skills; if you know a thing or two about social media, photography or a niche subject, apply it to your blog and create something professional, new and exciting - never follow the crowd."

Young Gold Teeth meets Collett and Holder Wall Dot Vase Project
Now some final quick fire questions -

3 words to describe your blog

"Colourful. Narrative. Creative."

Favourite holiday place?

"I’ve been lucky enough to travel to lots of wonderful places all over the world but my favourite city is pretty close to the UK. I love Barcelona for all the great memories I have of being there. The food, colour, foliage, great design, culture and sunshine too. I’ll be heading back this year for Primavera Sound festival and am counting down the days."

Favourite comfort food?

"My mum’s pasta faggioli. It’s basically just beans and pasta with celery and stock but it’s the most warming, homely dish. I’m Italian on my mum’s side so any food that reminds me of my heritage is comforting too. Mediterraneans have the right attitude to eating and drinking; it’s an act of love."

Your favourite colour?

"Gold of course. Anything metallic and light although, I wear mainly black every single day."

Your favourite texture?

"Soft ears on a dog. It sounds weird but there’s nothing like it."

Your favourite scent?

"Fresh paint, orange blossom, wood sage and recently lavender. I always thought it was for old ladies in twin sets with blue rinses but these days I’m so into it."

Where can we find you? 

"At younggoldteeth.com or on Twitter where you’ll find a mix of personal tweets and YGT articles. Facebook and Instagram are where it’s all happening and where you’ll find all the stuff I share on the blog along with great images."

We would just like to take this opportunity to thank Emily for her time in joining us here at Collett and Holder, please do pop over to her inspiring blog and discover the fab world of YOUNG GOLD TEETH!



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