Introducing Skin and Tonic London Organic Skincare

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Skin and Tonic London Organic Skincare at Collett and Holder

We are very excited to be sharing with you our brand new skincare range by Skin and Tonic London, a British company that hand makes organic and sustainable skincare, using no more than 7 organic ingredients in each product.

The organic ingredients used by Skin and Tonic are highly therapeutic as they remain in their natural state, with all the plant oils used grown to international organic standards as certified by the Soil Association (therefore no nasty chemical pesticides have been used). The great thing about the range is that all the ingredients used are packed full of nutrients, anti-oxidants and omegas, which really help maintain cellular growth within your skin. Plus they fight the free radicals that our skin is exposed to through pollution.

Skin and Tonic London Gentle Scrub Organic Skincare

The range is unisex but is also multi-functional meaning you need less products in your wash bag. So the Gentle Scrub also doubles up as face mask when you combine the powder with a teaspoon of honey or yoghurt.

Calm Balm by Skin and Tonic London

The Calm Balm is great for really dry skin, soothing and restoring, plus the relaxing oils are perfect for de-stressing and uplifting your mood.

Where possible Skin and Tonic sources ingredients from the UK and France supporting small farms and producers. The Brit Beauty Oil is packed full of omega rich oils all of which have come straight from our beautiful British countryside.

Brit Beauty Oil by Skin and Tonic London

One of the big reasons we love Skin and Tonic is that they source their organic Shea Butter from a Fairtrade women's cooperative in the north of Ghana, plus they source their Coconut Oil from a Fairtrade women's cooperative in Sri Lanka. These Fairtrade cooperatives help women earn a fair income by collecting, processing and selling shea nuts, shea butter or coconuts all of which are used in these products. This income allows women to support their families meaning they can send their children to school.

All in all this organic skincare range is all about doing things simply, honestly and ethically, they do not test any of the products on animals (which is fantastic) plus they use recycled glass to create each bottle and container, with no unnecessary packaging, all of which is great for the environment.

We'd love to hear what you think of our new organic skincare range, we have been using it for quite some time now before launching it in our webstore, (we like to make sure we love everything we have in our webstore) so please do let us know if you have any questions about the range as we are fully converted followers!

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