Our new Ceramiche Tapinassi Ovenware

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Ceramiche Tapinassi Ovenware

We are excited to share with you our latest discovery, a selection of Ceramiche Tapinassi ovenware pieces. This new range was a recent find on a buying expedition where we were lucky enough to come across this wonderful Italian brand. This collection of cookware is the perfect straight from the oven to table pieces that you can use again and again for so many dishes.

Ceramiche Tapinassi was founded right back in 1954 by Gino Tapinassi, today it is run by Gino's sons, who gained their craftsmanship through their passion for the ceramics their father created. Inspired by the culture, history and traditions of the Casentino Valley, they continue to create contemporary pieces with the skill and techniques developed over many centuries.

Coiling hand crafted ovenware by Ceramiche Tapinassi

Each piece of Ceramiche Tapinassi is crafted exclusively by hand, adopting one of the world's most ancient ceramics techniques called Coiling (colombino in Italian). This involves layering up long strips of Tuscan clay by hand creating each unique cookware piece. Then each item is taken through a process of drying, finishing and sponging, before it is placed into the firing oven at 1000 degrees.

Hand crafting ovenware by Cermiche Tapinassi

After this process, each piece enters the enamelling stage, here they are blasted with compressed air to remove any dust (avoiding any issues with enamel sticking to the clay). They then coat each unique piece with the enamel by hand, either by spraying them or dipping them into the enamel.

Glazing the handcrafted ovenware by Ceramiche Tapinassi

Once completed each piece needs to be glazed, the Tapinassi family use recycled glazes with ingredients which make the white colour fuse when placed back in the oven at 940 degrees for 18 hours of firing. The white tough glossy surface will then form creating a beautiful finished piece to be used.

Final glazing of the handcrafted ovenware by Ceramiche Tapinassi

The below video gives a little insight into the craftsmanship that goes into each handcrafted piece at the Cermiche Tapinassi workshop -

Our collection of Tapinassi cookware includes, a baking dish in large and medium, a rounded baking tray and a round casserole dish. We'd love to hear what you think of this new range, so do drop us an email or comment below!

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