Visit - Vintage road trip to Tetbury!

Posted on 03 April, 2015 by Collett and Holder | 0 comments

Hello! Sorry for the long pause in blog posts, it's been a little manic at home with the building of the webstore and other life stuff, but we did recently have a day off and made a little road trip to Tetbury, a lovely Cotswold market town. We haven't visited for years, so we were rather pleased to find the fabulous Domestic Science store, crammed full of amazing vintage and new pieces. A collective store of different businesses all with a very similar approach to style, plus an exciting shopping experience with an eclectic approach to display that really inspired you to look round, finding all kinds of treasures and keepsakes.

I took a few pics, as I loved the way they had thought about the rooms layouts, the store is 3 or 4 storeys high with all sorts of different spaces and corners filled with vintage finds and new products to buy. I was surprised when it kept on going the higher you went another room would appear until you reached the converted attic space with its beautiful beams. Anyway here's a little visual diary of our visit, it's definitely a great place to visit in Tetbury and a very unexpected find >

Love the beautiful blue table and mix of classic blue and white china and assortments of glasses, it really makes for a beautiful table display.


I really love these fab bright pops of colours from these vintage cup and saucers, a lovely way to drink tea or coffee, and they'd look great on display too. I was tempted but we've got enough tea making stuff as it is, next house we'll have a change (that's what we keep saying!)


A mix of different shape frames, pictures and mirrors in a group like above is a great feature for a wall, and allows you to have a mix of all the pictures you love (plus you don't have to get a tape measure out to ensure everything's at the same height which inevitably they never are!)


We do love a pop of red! Though we have pulled back on this at home after a long obsession...


Open plan shelving is definitely having an interior moment, and it's a good way to get all those things you love out on display and not hidden in a cupboard (and they are easier to find if they are out, avoids that getting everything out the cupboard to find one thing which turns out to be in another cupboard anyway).


Our visit ended in Cafe53, which is adjoining the store, and after our mammoth exploration up and down the stairs, we were in need of refreshments - Tea for me (as always) and a very hot latte for Gray. Once we'd finished there we actually ran out of time to see anything else that Tetbury had to offer so we'll have to go back again soon I think. Let us know of any other hidden gems in the Cotswolds and we'll be sure to make our way there!



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