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Produce Candles | Quirky Scented Candles | Collett & Holder

We thought it would be a great idea to introduce each week a brand that we have instore, to give you a little more insight into the stories behind the products. With a selection of more unusual and newer brands, it's great to know what makes them different and why we have handpicked them for our store. So first up this week is Produce Candles, a quirky fun scented candle company based in the USA, which forms part of our Home Fragrance Collection - 

Produce was created by a farmers market enthusiast, Beau Burdette, who had a passion for fresh produce and travelled the south east of USA in pursuit of new farmers markets. Influenced by the sights, sounds and smells of the market place, the Produce Candle collection was born.

Produce Scented Candle Range

Produce is a range of candles inspired by the harvest, highlighting different aspects of home grown produce whether it be sweet, earthy, spicy or crisp - each different element is seasonally represented in their hand-cultivated candles, which are all made with natural soy and quality premium cotton wicks for the ultimate burning candle with no mess and a clean burn.

What we loved about these candles is that on top of their quirky scents, which are surprisingly addictive, and maybe not what you'd first expect, these jars are designed to be re-used. Growing your own home-grown vegetables and fruit means that you can also cook with your own produce, creating wonderful preserves, jams and chutneys. Once your candle has burnt down thoroughly clean out your jar and ensure it is completely sterile before use, then fill with some lovely sticky jam or tasty chutney, pop over a clear cellophane cover, (plus optional fabric top for prettiness) and use the provided coloured band and lid to seal. The ultimate in recycling or upcycling!

Produce Scented Candle Range

The Produce candle range comes in 5 different scents, Carrot, Honey, Radish, Tomato and Wildflower. They burn for approximately 50 - 70 hours, and after testing it (we are currently burning a Tomato one), it has been one of the best clean burning candles we've tried, with no tunneling or messy lumps of wax stuck to the sides. All in all, we handpicked these candles as they are simply; excellent quality, good value for money and have a beautiful natural fragrance whilst burning, which we think are the most important things when buying a scented candle.




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