Nuuna Notebooks - It's all in the detail

Posted on 28 May, 2015 by Collett and Holder | 0 comments

In our second installment in discovering more about our brands instore, I thought we'd talk about Nuuna, the premium notebook company. 

So who is Nuuna?

Nuuna is a company that really looks at the fine details of making notebooks. They create exciting and unusual journals that have their own unique artwork which you will not see anywhere else.

Secondly they are all about using quality materials including their premium paper which is made with Swedish Munken Polar paper, which is a high-quality, uncoated fine paper that is also eco-friendly.

Another reason we handpicked this collection is that the covers are made from either smooth bonded leather or using the fabric that jean companies use to make their labels with, so they look good, but also feel nice which is so important when you use a personal notebook as you are always handling it.

All of the notepads are made in Germany and are of the highest specification, meaning you are investing in a notebook that either you or someone you love will enjoy using and keeping for life. In an age of texting, tablets and computers, sometimes the satisfying feeling of writing in your own notebook is like an indulgent activity that you can enjoy for you.

The luxury stationery range of notebooks is a mix of graphic prints and text logos, with two books having an extra special feature, with the "I blush when you touch" design. These two books have thermal sensitive letters which change from black to bold orange when you handle it or maybe even when you rest your mug upon it, watch the video below for a much more visual explanation >

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Overall Nuuna is a brand that stands for quality design and construction, but they do it with a great sense of humour, adding fun features or quirky touches and unusual cover designs. We handpicked each notebook in the collection and hope you love them too, for the stationery lover these are the ultimate in notebook heaven!

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