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Continuing our ongoing brand features each week, I thought we'd take a closer look into the designer blanket and throw company So Cosy. Starting out as a small pop up stand at the Spitalfields market in London, this brand knows everything and anything about creating a beautiful quality throw and blanket. Started by Rimsky and Vilija, both from creative artistic backgrounds, Rimsky a former fashion designer and pattern maker, they both have an excellent eye for detail, design and colour.

Their beautiful blankets and throws made from the finest alpaca, merino and sheep wools made them the go to stall for the most luxurious layering pieces. This eventually led to the stall becoming a brand - So Cosy was born in 2011. The duo's focus was on using high quality ethical natural fibres sourced from New Zealand, Scandinavia and Peru to make their luxurious soft throws and blankets, So Cosy explains -

"We have always been, and always will be, an ethical brand. We believe in keeping the manufacture of our pure alpaca throws within Peru to help the local economy. We only use natural dyes to colour our products...and because we use only natural fibres, we can assure you that all our products will last for many years to come."

Here at Collett & Holder we stock a selection of So Cosy's Merino wool and Pure New Wool throws and blankets. You might wonder what is Pure New Wool? After discovering more about it myself when researching the range before we bought it for our webstore, I was interested to find out that pure new wool is basically wool that comes directly from a living sheep with no treatments or processing to the wool in anyway. This type of wool is known for its softness and fine quality -  perfect for keeping you warm on a chilly night, but also feels good against your skin (no itchy wools here!).
The Pure New Wool Range

The Merino wool used is 100% natural, and is known for being being the softest, finest wool of any sheep, but also it has amazing properties in regulating body temperature, especially when worn next to the skin. Merino wool can warm you up quickly on a chilly night, but avoids that overheated stifling feeling of some throws and blankets.
The Merino Wool Range

We chose So Cosy for their beautifully pieces, after discovering them on one of our travels, we couldn't get over the softness of the throws, and we loved their unique and unusual designs which they design too. These really are timeless pieces that you'll love in your home and enjoy using for many years to come, and the fact that they are ethically made, woven with high quality yarns and are unusual in their designs, meant we could not resist them for the Collett & Holder store (and for our own home too!).

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