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Young Gold Teeth You Should Visit Collett and Holder Feature

We were so pleased to be asked recently by Young Gold Teeth blogger Emily Beeson, to be featured in a "You Should Visit" blog post all about Collett & Holder. We've been fans of YGT since discovering the blog a few months ago and we love the mix of arts and lifestyle features celebrating and supporting wonderfully creative people. We wanted to share with you the introductory paragraphs of the lovely feature on us and how we started C&H, so sit back and take a little time to read >

"Though our visit section is usually dominated by shops formed of brick and mortar, we sometimes deviate from this in order to share secrets about some of the most coveted corners of the web. These days many of our favourite stores only exist online so we rarely get much of a chance to get to know the creatives behind each emporium; this is a crying shame because they’re nearly always awesome. Allow us to introduce you to Collett and Holder, a beauteous webstore filled with handpicked gifts, homewares and accessories, and its founders Glyn and Graham.

Both passionate about great design, whether interiors, fashion or products, Graham and Glyn have always been expert present-buyers with an eye for original bits and pieces. Setting up Collett and Holder in May of last year presented a way to share their unique finds with likeminded people searching for something special. Based in Gloucestershire, where the couple were both born and grew up, the store lives happily on the internet but occasionally finds its way to local markets where visitors can get a good whiff of the gorgeous candles, cop a feel of the soft blankets and delight in the glittering stationery that Glyn and Graham meticulously select for their shop. Curious about the name Collett and Holder, we asked the webstore’s founders to enlighten us and fell in love with the story they told...."

Read the full feature at Young Gold Teeth >



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