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Rosehip Stationery Collection at Collett & Holder

In our series of getting to know our brands at Collett & Holder, we try to give you a little insight into who's behind our quirky and unusual products. We handpick every item that goes into our store so we like to get to know the people behind the products, and on discovering Silkie Lloyd at a trade show last January we knew instantly that the Rosehip collection was perfect for our webstore.

Rosehip was founded by illustrator Silkie Lloyd (who by the way is based just down the road from us in Bristol) back in 2004. The Rosehip collection now includes gift wrap, greetings cards, notebooks and all other matters of stationery for the paper lover. Inspired by vintage prints and patterns, Silkie works with each illustration creating designs that are both quirky and retro but always with a modern twist. Alongside her Rosehip collection Silkie also works as a freelance illustrator creating bespoke work for companies such as Waterstones, the V&A and Harrods - so she's a very busy and talented lady.

What we love about the Rosehip stationery is that every piece has been designed and manufactured in Britain, which as we all know is a bit of a rarity these days. Silkie only uses the best quality in papers in her products, all of which are environmentally friendly, meaning each piece feels lovely to the touch, but is also made of hardy stuff (no cheap, cheerful, easily rips paper here - we've all been there when wrapping a gift and it tears!).

When we discovered Rosehip we were first drawn to the double sided wrapping paper, seeing many potential crafting and fabulous wrapping theme ideas (we do love a good wrapping theme at home - any excuse for getting our box of ribbons, glitter, glue gun and twine out). We've also found since having the collection that the handy notebooks are a real find and very popular with their unusual patterned covers. The notecard packs are perfect for keeping at home for all those times you need a card to say thank you or just to send a hello to a friend - everyone loves to receive a handwritten note! 

If you love quirky stationery and beautifully crafted cards and notebooks, then the Rosehip collection is definitely worth a gander, the only problem I seem to have is choosing which print to have ...

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27 August, 2015

Love the little gift tags – might have to put one on a present to myself!

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