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Petites Pattes Emoji Baby Socks at Collett & Holder

As you know we like to delve a little deeper into each designer and share more about who they are and why we chose them for our webstore. This week we thought we'd feature Petites Pattes who have created these perfect little socks for babies and toddlers.
Petites Pattes Emoji Baby Trio Sock PackPetites Pattes Emoji Baby Trio Sock Pack
Petites Pattes socks are designed specifically for babies and toddlers, their philosophy is to create a fun interactive experience between the young wearer and the sock pulling on mum, dad, brother, sister... (the list goes on!) The idea of this quirky brand is to add that bit of playfulness while going about your everyday routine, adding some fun into the sometimes stressful event of dressing a little one! 

Petites Pattes is a small company, that strives for quirky fun style but also comfort and practicality, socks have got to be soft to the touch but also be durable and long lasting, especially if you want to pass them down to a baby brother or sister! So what they have done is use the best quality cotton yarns they can find to ensure comfort against a baby's delicate skin, they work closely with their manufacturer who has been producing high quality hosiery for over 35 years. They have even evolved their knitting techniques which means they can create socks without the use of rubber, which can often cause irritation to baby's ankles.

Petites Pattes Emoji Toddler Socks at Collett and Holder

What we love about Petites Pattes is that the style and construction are equally excellent, meaning that you can give a unique baby gift knowing that they are of a high quality but also super cool too! We especially love the Family Boxsets which make great gift ideas for parents with a new born baby, the beautiful box-set features matching socks for Dad, Mum and baby - which would make a perfect photo opportunity! 
Petites Pattes Emoji Family Trio Sock Pack at Collett and Holder
We have a wide selection of Petites Pattes Emoji Socks at Collett & Holder; the baby sock trio box-sets, the single pair of socks for 1-2 year olds and 2-4 year olds, plus the family sock trio box-sets. If you're looking for a unique quirky baby gift idea then Petites Pattes Emoji Socks are a great place to start!

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