5 easy steps for a perfect organic skincare routine

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Skin and Tonic London Organic and Sustainable Skincare at Collett and Holder

Here at Collett and Holder we are keen advocates of making small changes in our daily lives for a better, more organic and sustainable life. This is why we searched the UK for a skincare brand that we would be proud to stock, as well as finding skincare products that we would also use ourselves - it was important to us that whatever we found it had to be organic and sustainable but also effective! After much searching and testing we were excited to discover Skin and Tonic London skincare, a British company that specialises in organic and sustainable skincare. 

Skin and Tonic London handmade skincare at Collett and Holder

Established by couple Josh and Sarah, they set out to create a skincare collection that would be free from parabens, ETDA’s, mineral oils, dioxins and phthalates, but also not support gender discrimination, cheap labour, the use of exotic ingredients and avoid the use of excessive, wasteful packaging. Their passion created Skin and Tonic London, an organic, sustainable skincare collection that uses no more than 7 ingredients. To discover more about the story behind the brand, read our introduction to Skin and Tonic blog post.

Right now lets get down to the business of skincare, here's the simple 5-step plan for a better organic daily skincare routine -

  1. CLEANSE - Using the Steam Clean, massage a small amount into your face and neck for a minute or so. Then soak your 100% organic cotton face cloth (free with purchase) in warm water and hold against your face for 1 minute to steam and activate the essential oils. Breathe in deeply and gently wipe your face to remove any excess product.Skin and Tonic London Steam Clean at Collett and Holder
  2. EXFOLIATE - Using the Gentle Scrub, add 1/2 tsp of powder to warm water to make a liquid paste. Massage onto damp face using gentle, circular movements. Remove with water and your 100% organic cotton cloth.Skin and Tonic London Gentle Scrub at Collett and Holder
  3. TONE - Using the Rose Mist, spritz onto your face to hydrate and tone your skin.Skin and Tonic London Rose Mist at Collett and Holder
  4. MOISTURISE - Using the Brit Beauty Oil apply a couple of drops to your face with finger tips and massage into your skin using a circular motion.Skin and Tonic Brit Beauty Oil at Collett and Holder
  5. CALM - Using the Calm Balm, massage a little into your wrists and temples, breathe in deeply to help calm your mood, or massage into any problematic dry, delicate or cracked skin for a hydrating moisture boost.Skin and Tonic Calm Balm at Collett and Holder

Once complete you're done and ready to face the day! Repeat this simple 5 step routine daily for beautifully soft skin all year round.

If you would be interested in trialling samples of Skin and Tonic London skincare, please do feel free to contact us at customerservice@collettandholder.com and we'd be happy to send you some in the post.



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