Q&A with Ashley Cramp of Lazy Daisy Jones

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Q&A with Ashley Cramp of Lazy Daisy Jones


Recently we were very lucky enough to have the opportunity to talk with the very busy blogger Ashley Cramp founder of interiors and crafting blog - Lazy Daisy Jones - with our monthly Q&A session with our favourite bloggers. We've been avid followers of LDJ since we launched in 2015 and love the weekly updates on Ashley's interiors, crochet and sewing projects which are full of inspiring ideas. So kick back for a few moments with a drink in hand and delve into the colourful and creative world of Lazy Daisy Jones - 


Tell us a little about yourself and what your blog explores.


"My blog records my makes, musings and love of colour, it is about mine and my family's creative lifestyle. We are all avid collectors, upcyclers and gardeners. I also document the redecorating of our house. We live in the beautiful, rural county of Dorset with a dog, a cat and three hamsters."


Q&A with Ashley Cramp of Lazy Daisy Jones
What inspired you to create Lazy Daisy Jones?


"I wanted to share my love of creativity, sewing, crochet and all my ideas with other like minded folk!"


What does your typical day as a blogger look like?


"As I only blog part time, there is no typical day, everyone is different! I also work part time as a wardrobe mistress, making and sourcing costumes for a private boys school."


What projects are you currently working on at LDJ?


"I am currently designing a crochet project for a magazine commission. We are also preparing our house for an interiors magazine shoot."


What would be your ultimate piece that you have crocheted or sewn since starting LDJ?


"Hmmm...Its hard to choose but I know everyone loves my large pink crochet flamingo. I called her 'Enid' and every time I feature her on my social media someone offers to buy her!"


Q&A with Ashley Cramp of Lazy Daisy Jones


How does your house reflect your style?


"Our house reflects us completely, it is full of colour, vintage collections and things we have made or upcycled. My husband has just finished building us a bed."


Q&A with Ashley Cramp of Lazy Daisy Jones


Outside of Your blog, do you also work on other projects?


"All the time, I design and write features for sewing and crochet magazines, and of course I have my 'real work' as a wardrobe mistress."


What are your greatest influences?


"I am influenced all the time and every day by the things I see around me. It could be a plant, a colour or the colours in the sunrise. Books and magazines are always giving me ideas too."


Q&A with Ashley Cramp of Lazy Daisy Jones


How does living in Dorset influence your work?


"I consider myself lucky to live in such a beautiful place. I lived in London for almost 10 years and I still love to visit but the minute I get home and see all the trees and fields I feel like I can breathe freely again. I truly feel that living in Dorset brings out my creativity!" 


What do you hope the future of LDJ will be?


"I am hoping I will always enjoy blogging, as much as I do now. The minute I no longer enjoy it I will stop!"


What advice would you give to an aspiring blogger starting out today?


"3 things: post regularly and always be true to yourself, never try to imitate others."


Some final quick fire questions - 


3 words to describe your blog - "Colourful, creative, inspiring (i hope?)"


Favourite holiday place? - "Corsica"


Favourite comfort food? - "Scrambled eggs on toast"


Your favourite Colour? - "Blue in every shade and tone."


Your favourite texture? - "Tree bark"


Your favourite scent? - "Freshly cut grass"


Where can we find you?


lazydaisyjones.com | @lazydaisyjones on Twitter and Instagram | Lazy Daisy Jones on Facebook | Lazy Daisy Jones on Pinterest


We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Ashley for her time in joining us for our little Q&A here at C&H, we hope that you have enjoyed our mini interview and pop over to visit Lazy Daisy Jones soon for a hit of creative inspiration!




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