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Lucy Gleeson of Lucy Loves Ya Lifestyle Blog

We recently had the great opportunity to spend some time with the lovely Lucy Gleeson of Lucy Loves Ya, a colour-tastic and inspirational lifestyle blog filled with great features from interior design, crafting, home projects and vintage finds. We are excited to share with you one of our blogger favourites who gives us a hit of colour inspiration every week, so sit back, relax and discover the world of Lucy Loves Ya - 

Tell us a little about yourself and what your blog explores.

"I am currently studying interior design which is my main interest - as long as it’s colourful, I’m in! My blog also features lots of beautiful fabrics and also some fashion as I am trained to make clothing. My background is TV and film and I grew up around TV sets and theatre venues - which probably explains my love of colour."

Lucy Loves Ya Colour Palette

Three Bedroom Moodboards for a Makeover >

What inspired you to create Lucy Loves Ya?

"I started out with Lucy Loves Ya to showcase some of the things I had made and meet other like minded people. It organically turned in to more of an interiors blog which was bound to happen as I love homeware and paints etc."

Lucy Loves Ya Playroom

Our Secret Room >

What does your typical day as a blogger look like?

"It usually starts with checking my social media. Adding an instagram photo and updating Pinterest. I answer emails and then If I have been sent products to review then I might have a look through some and think about how I am going to create a suitable blog post. As most bloggers will tell you - we spend a lot of time thinking about our blog and its content. Not every day but sometimes I will attend press events if a brand is previewing new products. That’s always fun!"

Lucy Loves Ya Childrens Room

The Whole of the Moon >

 What projects are you currently working on at Lucy Loves Ya?

"I am doing up the house bit by bit and it gets blogged once each room is complete. My bedroom is next in line. Other than that I have some really lovely artwork to show my readers and some photo shoots to do. It’s never dull, I can tell you!"

Lucy Loves Ya Home

Lightening the Living Room >

How does your house reflect you and your family?

"It’s quite cosy. We like to relax at home, especially as my husband works in music and when he comes home it is a haven for him. It’s colourful with some of my kids drawings up around and definitely a bit quirky - which definitely reflects us."

Lucy Loves Ya Crafting corner

Crafts and Candy Stripes >

Do you have a favourite piece or space in your home that you love?

"Yes. I have lots of favourite things but my design table, which was made especially is high up there. I also have my office in the same room so I spend a lot of time in there. As you can see in the photo - it’s nice and light with pops of colour."

Lucy Loves Ya Design Room

How I Brightened Up My Design Room >

Outside of your blog, do you also work on other projects?

"Being a Mum, there are always projects on the go. I’m just about to the learn the guitar so that will be one too - and of course the guitar will decorated with paints. Watch this space! Maybe one day my family will start a band together as we all love music and play some sort of instrument. :)"

We know you love creating fun and colourful projects at home, what are you
working on at the moment?

"I am about to make some blinds for the bedroom. It is an exact science making blinds, so I have to really concentrate. Probably best to wait until the kids are back at school."

Lucy Loves Ya Flamingo Print and Retro Chair

My Retro Chair >

What are your greatest influences or where do you go for inspiration?

"Certain eras are a big influence. Especially the 50s and 60s. Also Danish design as it’s so clean and functional. I like to spend time in London and other cities for inspiration but you can get inspiration closer to home too.. sometimes it’s in your own home."

Lucy Loves Ya Beach Hut

What's In a Name? >

How does living in Suffolk influence your work?

"The big skies,beautiful fields and nature certainly do. We also have beaches and towns such as Southwold and Aldeburgh - they are full of interesting people and things to see." 

Lucy Loves Ya Harbourside

Serenity, Sand and Surfing in Cornwall >

What do you hope the future of Lucy Loves Ya will be?

"I have some plans for the next few years. I hope once I am qualified as an interior designer, I will be able to blog about my ideas and projects - and I also will be writing a book. It will be interesting to see what transpires. Obviously - I would like to carry on working with great brands."

What advice would you give to an aspiring blogger starting out today?

"Be focused on what there you want your blog to go. Ask for advice from other bloggers if you need it - generally others love to help! Make your blog easy to navigate - very important!"

Some fun final quick fire questions -

3 words to describe your blog.

"Colourful, positive and inspiring."

Favourite holiday place?

"That’s a hard one. Probably Cornwall. Or Ibiza."

Favourite comfort food?

"Oh… chocolate!" 

Your favourite Colour? (if you can choose one!)

"Teal. But, not easy to choose."

Your favourite texture?


Your favourite scent?


Where can we find you?

Discover the blog over @ www.lucylovesya.com

Say hello over at FacebookPinterestInstagram and Twitter

We would just like to take the opportunity to thank Lucy for her time in joining us for our monthly Q&A, we hope you have enjoyed discovering more about LucyLovesYa.com and will join us in following Lucy with her weekly doses of colour inspiration!


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