Brit Decor - A Q&A with founder Mike Ahern

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Baking Crunchy Top Lemon Cake

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Blog's we love and can't get enough of!

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Here at Collett & Holder we are inspired by many things; art, interiors, design, fashion, cooking, travel and much more, but we also take great delight in following some very talented and creative people, the bloggers who send out daily posts full of inspiration. So we thought we'd start sharing our favourite bloggers who we follow and love, avidly awaiting their next adventure or inspiring post. Take a look and see what you find, we think you'll be rather excited about them too -

Bright.Bazaar - It's all about big bold colour and "make-you-smile" style with inspirational blog posts by Will Taylor featuring bright colourful interiors, gorgeous travel locations and some serious style.

Brit Decor - An interiors based blog written by Mike Ahern, we love the beautiful interiors, graphic style and a bit of baking too featured by this super cool blogger.

Cotswold Create - Based in the beautiful Cotswolds, the lovely Georgie features great blog posts on everything from interiors, fashion, food, fitness, art, photography and her family adventures.

Decorator's Notebook - Created by inspirational brother and sister duo Bethan and Joe, this blog features the very best in fairtrade, ethical and sustainable design, which we love to read and discover some amazing projects making people's lives better.

Growing Spaces - An inspiring lifestyle blog with a focus on fab family friendly interiors. We love the Everyday Spruce feature and her creative approach to interiors.

Mathilde Heart Manech - A lifestyle blog featuring home, craft and style inspiration, written by the lovely Lisa up in beautiful Yorkshire.

Net-A-Dresser - A super stylish Cotswold based fashion and style blog written by our gorgeous fashion friend and personal stylist Helen Moore.

Little Big Bell - A design, interiors and lifestyle blog based in London written by Geraldine Tan, we love her passion for design, colour and beautiful style that shines through in her posts.

Young Gold Teeth - An arts and lifestyle blog celebrating creative and talented people, created by Emily Beeson, we can't get enough of her new discoveries and informative posts.

As we discover more blogs on our travels we'll keep you updated with all our finds!

Rosehip - Born and Bred in Bristol

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Flower Power - Our Floral Favourites

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Young Gold Teeth You Should Visit Feature

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So Cosy - Crafted Cosiness

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