About Us

Founded in 2015 by partners Graham and Glyn, whose friends and family often referred to them as the “art farty” ones, maybe that’s due to their eclectic home with a mix of the contemporary and vintage, an indulgent obsession with candles and bath oils and their handcrafted gift wrapping at Christmas… always with a different theme each year!

Having both had a background in the fashion and consumer industry, the guys crafted a keen eye for style and attention to detail, and wanting to share their ideas the couple started a blogsite to talk about things they loved and why they loved them. With regular features on Fashion, Food, Art, Interiors and design, the blog proved to be a success and quickly grew from a handful of followers to an interactive community. Thanks to their readers, whom often asked the question “where can I find that stuff?” the duo were inspired to take the plunge to launch their own online store full of the unique, fun and unusual.

 Who's Collett and Holder?

The idea for the name Collett & Holder originates from our maternal grandmothers' families. Olive Collett and Lillian (Mo) Holder, both born in the early 1900s, grew up to be inspirational and determined women.

Olive who supported her husband Eric to drive a very successful family business, established by her grandfather in the late 1800s and passed down through the generations, with the Collett & Sons name still successfully trading to this day.

Olive and Eric on a roadside picnic at Stinchcombe

Lillian, known to everyone as Mo, strove through adversity and hardship to raise four young children on her own through working hard, yet remained positive and with a very unique sense of humour!

Mo Holder (left) and friends on a trip to the seaside

Though these two women never met, they would have shared the same strong family values and always wanted the best for others.

Therefore the company Collett & Holder was formed with inspiration from the past, the drive for its future and the 'gift' of the present.

 The Collett & Holder Store

Is an emporium for unusual and unique products, where you can explore and find new and vintage pieces that have a story. Handpicked by us, we have searched the globe and created an edited selection of beautiful quality pieces for your home, your family and friends and not forgetting yourself!

Our Philosophy

We believe in excellent customer service and an inspirational shopping experience. We want to make a place that brings together a collection of products that are different and exciting, a place where everyone can find that stylish and fun piece that they love, whether it’s the perfect gift idea or a treat for yourself or home.

Ultimately we believe in creating your own style, living your own life, and creating a home that you love to be in.